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How Dindim Made João Pereira de Souza an Honorary Penguin
 A Picture Book Coming Soon!
Base on a true story. When João rescues an oil-covered, lifeless penguin and nurses him back to health, the penguin adopts João as an honorary penguin. But there are real penguins somewhere across the sea. So Dindim leaves João. Village people tell João the penguin will never come back. João cannot say if he will or will not.

This story offers a simple message of kindness, friendship, and love. But it also speaks to adoption.  João and Dindim make an odd pair–an old man and a young penguin. But Joao loves Dindim and Dindim loves Joao. They are family, and families come in all shapes, sizes, and color. 

In 2011, a seventy-one-year-old retired bricklayer named João Pereira de Souza found a tiny penguin near his island village just outside Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil. The penguin was covered in oil and close to death. João nursed the penguin back to health and named him Dindim. When Dindim set up temporary residence in João’s backyard, the two of them formed a father-son like bond that continues to strengthen over time. Each year since, Dindim has left Joao in February and returned to him in June. Some believe that Dindim swims 5,000 miles to get back to his old friend.

Milanka Reardon’s beautiful and poignant art is the icing on the cake for this sweet story. Her depiction of João and Dindim touches the soul.
The Mostly True Story of the Toledo Christmas Weed
A picture book coming summer 2020​​
“From one tiny gesture, there arose such a clatter, that the Toledo Christmas Weed garnered national clatter . . .”

            --Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz

One Sunday in December 2018, a family drove past a weed in a traffic circle in Toledo, Ohio. The weed reminded them of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, so they decided to decorate it. Someone else decided to leave a wrapped gift, and post a photo of the weed and gift in social media. These two small gestures turned into a phenomenon that was seen around the world. The Weed that Woke Christmas, is partly truth and partly fiction based on this inspiring story of how the Toledo Christmas Weed helped spread the giving spirit far beyond its traffic circle home.

All Weed wants is to be seen, but people are in too much of a hurry to notice each other, let alone Weed. Weed watches, wishes, and waits until finally someone does see it. But Weed discovers that there is something far bigger and more important than a little weed being noticed.

Polina Gortman, Randall and Randall 2019, will be bringing this book to life with her fabulous art! 
Cowboy Trouble
A chapter book coming spring 2020​​
Aunt Rose is getting married, and guess who she’s asked to be her flower girl. Sienna’s sadder than a coyote without a howl. “I’d look mighty silly in a dress. I’d trip over my own feet in them fancy shoes. And I ain’t much good at manners neither.” Ma signs Sienna up for cowgirl charm school where Sienna discovers she’s even worse at being elegant than she thought she’d be. To make matters worse, Billy Bob and his band of bullies see Sienna in her charm school clothes and raise a ruckus. Maybe Sienna can teach them a thing or two about manners and poise. But can she learn enough at charm school to walk down the aisle without embarrassing herself and Aunt Rose?

Blake Marsee's art takes readers on an excellent adventure with Sienna and friends.
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