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Alayne Kay Christian
Award-Winning Author 
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My name is Alayne.
How did I get that name? My mother's name is Elaine and my father's name was Albert. AL + aine -- change the "i" to a "y" -- and voila! You have Alayne. 
I was born in the Rockies and grew up in Chicago with a large family with seven children. Today, my home is in Texas. I spend most of my time writing children's books and working as an editor for Blue Whale Press. I help other people who write children's books by teaching them through my online courses and  webinars and by critiquing their stories, so they can make them better. I also help authors and illustrators by helping to publish their books through Blue Whale Press.

When I'm not writing, teaching, or critiquing, I enjoy reading and spending time in nature. I really like exploring America with my husband. We've had many adventures, and we've seen lots of amazing sights. I look forward to seeing and doing more!  

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Saguaro National Park
Joshua Tree National Park  
On this website, you will find information about my published books and my forthcoming books. You can learn about events I will be attending and how you can contact me for speaking engagements, book readings and signings, and for holding workshops on picture book writing, chapter book writing, and writing narrative arcs. And you can learn about my webinars , critique service,   and  picture book writing course Art of Arc.